Befriend yourself.

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Rédigé par : Meryem IMRANI

Life can be overwhelming; We have all felt it at a certain point. Growing up, each one of us develops a personal mechanism to face the challenges life throws on his way. It can be physical, spiritual or both combined. Studies have proven that physical exercising helps produce endorphins which are natural feel-good chemicals that reduce stress and pain. Whether it is 3 hours at the gym, 10Km biking, a 30-minute walk or 10 minutes stretching movements at home, it is always beneficial to move. It improves the blood circulation, lowers the risk of many chronic diseases, promotes better sleep, reduces anxiety, and fights general fatigue feelings.

Now along with the body comes the soul, that needs as much attention -if not more-. In today’s connected world, we might find it difficult to listen to ourselves, step out of the crowd and think lucidly. We are constantly drifted by the social media tide, drowned in fake problems that are often not even ours. How many times have you noticed that it got dark outside while you were binge-watching videos, and felt the urge to put your phone or laptop aside to switch on the light in the room? How many times have you noticed that you spent hours swiping pictures of people you don’t even know?

Your mind is continuously muted. As a result, you -consciously or unconsciously- dress like the person whose pictures are on your Instagram feed; You choose the same education path as the Podcaster you listen to every week; You prepare the same meals you see on the food channel you subscribed to and you watch the new Netflix series promoted by Youtube.

You end up unhappy. Unhappy because you are stuck in a virtual prison. The Syrian poet known by the pen name Adunis said “The hardest prisons are the ones with no walls”. You limit your abilities and convince yourself that you are meant to dress, talk and act in a certain way. Unhappy individuals create unhealthy relationships that feed on jealousy, anger, greed and fear and produce emptiness and depression that eventually lead to breakings, divorces, and crimes in some cases.

Break yourself free, unmute your inner voice and take time to know yourself. Occasionally, turn off your connected devices, and listen to the voice in your head. Don’t be afraid to go for a walk alone, along the beach, in a park or in your neighborhood. Don’t hesitate if you feel the need to lay down and close your eyes in the middle of a busy day. Don’t ignore that inner wish in you to go see that movie that none of your friends like. Talk to yourself, listen to yourself, befriend yourself.

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